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Crewed Mission to Saturn: Exploring Titan and Enceladus

This video showcases a crewed mission to Saturn in Kerbal Space Program. The mission includes the following stages: spacecraft launch, crew launch, flight to Saturn, exploration of Titan, exploration of Enceladus, and return to Earth. The mission is completed in less than 3 years using advanced propulsion technologies, with no refueling required at Saturn.

Mods (not a complete list)

  • Kerbal Space Program 1.10.1 + Breaking Grounds Expansion
  • Realism Overhaul + RSS (obvious)
  • EVE + Scatterer + RSSVE + TUFX (nice visuals)
  • Waterfall (better engine plumes)
  • Far Future Technologies (fusion engine, spherical fuel tanks)
  • Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux (crew parts on interplanetary spacecraft)
  • Mk-33 (X-33 inspired crew vehicle)
  • Kerbal Atomics (nuclear engines on crew vehicle)
  • Planetside Exploration Technologies (rover and base parts)
  • Near Future Launch Vehicles (large stage 1 fuel tanks and big cargo bays)
  • KerBalloons Reinflated (inflatable balloon on crew vehicle)
  • Near Future Construction (structural parts)
  • Near Future Spacecraft (big command pod on Enceladus lander)
  • Heat Control (radiators)
  • Modular Launch Pads (obvious)
  • ReStock (better models and textures for stock parts)
  • Docking Port Alignment Indicator (better docking UI)
  • KK + RSS-CanaveralHD (real cape canaveral terrain and buildings)
  • SSTU (J-2X, AJ10 engines)
  • SXT (RCS on extendable boom)
  • Persistent Thrust (use low thrust engines during time warp)
  • KIS + KAS (EVA construction + fuel pipes)
  • Camera Tools (moving/stationary camera for cool shots)
  • Real Scale Boosters (large fairing halves)
  • Kerbal Reusability Expansion (legs on large first stage)
  • Tundra Exploration (large grid fins and raptor engines)


Music by @RossBugden:

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